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A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three movie review

A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three movie review

A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three     15 September 2016 (China)

PG 93 min ActionFantasy

IMDB: 6/10 249 votes

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Tang line China, early AD 627. Frantically infatuated with her human spouse Joker (Han Geng), the pixie Zixia (Tang Yan) can’t acknowledge that later on he will truly cherish his better half Bai Jingjing (Mo Wenwei), despite the fact that he hasn’t met her yet. Zixia utilizes the Moonlight Box to travel 500 years into the future to perceive how things will work out, so she can transform them if important. She sees her own particular passing as well as that Joker will move toward becoming Monkey King. For his future joy, Zixia decides not to give Joker a chance to begin to look all starry eyed at her and rather succumb to Bai Jingjing, who is right now drew in to Monkey King. In spite of Zixia’s endeavors, notwithstanding, Bai Jingjing declines to dump Monkey King and succumb to Joker; she at that point withdraws, fervently by her on-off sweetheart Lady Spring (Zhong Xintong). Still resolved to stop Joker beginning to look all starry eyed at her, Zixia at that point chooses to wed Demon Bull (Zhang Chao), trusting that will dishearten him. Joker goes searching for Zixia and in the leave sees the goddess Guanyin (Hu Jing) reprimanding Monkey King (Han Geng) for relinquishing the Longevity Monk (Wu Jing) on his Journey toward the West and collaborating rather with Demon Bull. Guanyin detains Monkey King in a blossom vase, which she provides for the Jade Emperor (Huang Zheng) so he can re-mastermind the Journey toward the West as it ought to be. Yet, the Jade Emperor has his very own mystery design, as he needs to amend a misstep he made in the order when composing the Book of Fate. The gorilla detained in the blossom vase is truly the Six-Eared Monkey, who’s hidden as Monkey King so he can substitute for him on the Journey toward the West until the point when the genuine Monkey King is conceived in 500 years and can assume control. At the point when Demon Bull’s significant other, Princess Iron Fan (Xie Nan) discovers he’s presently hitched to Zixia, she goes mental. Then, Zixia, Joker and Longevity Monk stray into the surrender kingdom of Demon Bull’s more youthful sister, Niu Xiangxiang (Zhang Yao), and get along so well that Demon Bull sets Joker off with her. Joker plays along as he needs to get his hands on the Moonlight Box that Demon Bull has, so he and Zixia can go through time.


Following 20-odd years Hong Kong spoofer Liu Zhenwei 刘镇伟 [Jeff Lau] authoritatively restores a third time to the Journey toward the West 西游记 well, after A Chinese Odyssey Part I: Pandora’s Box 西游记第壹佰零壹回之月光宝盒 (1995) and A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella 西游记大结局之仙履奇缘 (1995), both of which exhibited Zhou Xingchi 周星驰 [Stephen Chow] in his prime as Monkey King/Joker. Truth be told, Liu as of now returned to the material 10 years prior with A Chinese Tall Story 情癫大圣 (2005), a free riff on some of Journey’s characters that was tumultuously plotted yet at the same time pleasant. Practically the same can be said for A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three 大话西游3 which, notwithstanding its title, isn’t a continuation of the two prior movies however an independent riff on a great part of a similar plot.

The issue is that Liu, now 64, is as yet reusing a kind of drama – the supposed “outlandish” wúlítóu 无厘头 style – that hit its crest amid the 1990s and just truly works in Cantonese. In spite of the fact that Liu and a significant number of the key specialized team are from Hong Kong, CO3 is a Mainland-financed creation with a to a great extent Mainland cast communicating in Mandarin – and the outcome looks and sounds, well, slightly curve and out-dated. With a plot that not just reuses lumps of the 1995 movies (counting the early scene of the goddess Guanyin suppressing the gathered Monkey King) yet additionally appears to influence itself to up as it comes, the film does not have an adequate feeling of sheer hogwash to manage the entire endeavor, even finished a tight running time of a hour and a half. On account of a significant number of the exhibitions, Liu juggles things entertainingly enough for around 60 minutes, however the fun quickly palls in the last extend.

The mind-twisting plot – which essentially focuses on the Jade Emperor (the lord of paradise) camouflaging another person as Monkey King with a specific end goal to shroud a misstep he’s made while composing the Book of Fate – as of now feels as though it’s been altered down from a two-hour form that may have appeared well and good. In spite of the fact that it’s not as stuffed with cameos as other ensemble parodies by Liu – like Chinese Odyssey 2002 天下无双 (2002) or Just Another Pandora’s Box 越光宝盒 (2010) – it’s as yet pressed with independent schedules and huge diversions from a plot that doesn’t withstand much examination in any case.

Extraordinary compared to other schedules is a mid one with Hong Kong’s Mo Wenwei 莫文蔚 [Karen Mok], a Liu veteran who lets loose as a self-important swordswoman/pixie and gets only the correct comic tone without influencing it to appear to be excessively silly; she’s upheld OK by individual Hong Konger Zhong Xintong 钟欣潼 [Gillian Chung], now 36 and barely conspicuous as her desirous lesbian darling. Whatever remains of the cast are basically all Mainlanders in their 30s, with the greatest credit going to 32-year-old Tang Yan 唐嫣 (Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe 九层妖塔, 2015; MBA Partners 梦想合伙人, 2016; Bounty Hunters 赏金猎人, 2016) who invigorates the film at whatever point she’s on-screen as an unshakable pixie with a terrible instance of schizophrenia. Like kindred performing artist Bai Baihe 白百合, Tang has a characteristic present for gentle silliness and can stand her ground in both outfit and current parts.

Among the others – in what isn’t an exceptionally starry thrown – Zhang Chao 张超 (Somewhere Only We Know 有一个地方只有我们知道, 2015; Mr. No Problem 不成问题的问题, 2016) is exceptionally clever as a sort of fashionable person Demon Bull; Huang Zheng 黄征 over-acts fiercely as a power-crazed Jade Emperor; top-charged Han Geng 韩庚 is less vapid than regular in the twofold part of Joker and the phony Monkey King; and, not out of the blue, performing artist Zhang Yao 张瑶 (the babysitter associate in The Deadly Strands 咒•丝, 2013; the know-all flat mate in So Young 致我们终将逝去的青春, 2013) makes a check in a smallish part, here as Demon Bull’s wacky more youthful sister.

Actually, the film, shot in Ningxia region, all looks fine. The VFX are not top quality, but rather take care of business and don’t, as in such huge numbers of Chinese dream motion pictures, overpower the motion picture or its characters. For its Chinese title, the film takes after the Mainland discharge titles of the two prior CO films – 大话西游之月光宝盒 and 大话西游之大圣娶亲 – as opposed to the better-known Hong Kong ones. The characters 大话 (“pretentious”, “hotshot”) have additionally been utilized for Liu’s other outfit parodies, as Just Another Margin 大话天仙 (2014), and have for all intents and purposes turn into his trademark. Business as usual is as of now in progress from Liu, particularly as CO3 earned a decent RMB360 million in China.

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