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хадмал My Little Baby, Jaya movie review
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My Little Baby, Jaya movie review

My Little Baby, Jaya movie review

My Little Baby, Jaya    20 April 2017 (South Korea)

PG 102 min Crime

IMDB: 7/10 56 votes



South Korea


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The exploitation movie is lurid for the sake of being lurid, enticing viewers with the promise that twisted wicked people will meet twisted wicked ends inside the name of morose justice. The social recognition film, by way of evaluation, seeks to make some kind of critical observation about horrible unseen issues in each day lifestyles. “My Little baby, Jaya” attempts to be each of this stuff, with mixed success.

All right, i’ll be honest. I kind of type of hated “My Little child, Jaya” for nearly the complete runtime. We start out with Jaya (performed through Oh Ye-seol) killing herself. additionally her unmarried dad gained-sool (played with the aid of Kim Jeong-gyoon) has cerebral palsy. high faculty bullying and cerebral palsy are conceivably interesting topics of their personal proper but undermine each different here. considering won-sool’s cerebral palsy is at least partially why he couldn’t do whatever approximately Jaya’s bullying, that type of offers the affect that the social employees we see seeking to take Jaya away as a child had a factor.

extra than that, although, at the same time as preliminary scenes mean that won-sool goes to be the primary man or woman, in reality, nearly the entire runtime is devoted to Jaya’s harassment. The escalation is basically due to the fact Jaya does no longer manage the scenario well. First she fails to set up proper boundaries with a boy. Then Jaya makes the bad selection of going vigilante rather than as a minimum looking to appeal to authority figures, permitting her persecutors the threat to say to be a sufferer within the context of an legit hearing.

it is where the exploitation elements are available- the machine has to fail to justify received-sool taking the law into his personal arms. “My Little toddler, Jaya” spends manner an excessive amount of time forcing us to watch Jaya suffer and manner too little time giving us the pride of watching received-sool show the ones depressing little teenage twerps what actual sadism looks like. ill revenge fable, is, at times, a miles extra pleasant resolution than playing at being the grown-up.

but does director Yoon Hak-ryul need us to consciousness at the revenge porn, or the social justice? That query is a piece harder to answer. i found myself comparing “My Little baby, Jaya”, however reluctantly, to “Han Gong-ju” due to the fact both films have almost the equal plot. “My Little toddler, Jaya” is definitely the extra cynical of the two, and a much more potent indictment of the South Korean cultural device, due to the fact Jaya has more corporation and authority figures are portrayed in a decidedly extra terrible light.

In that feel maybe i was speculated to experience constantly indignant that Jaya’s scenario kept getting illogically worse, and that gained-sool’s quick moment of revenge turned into imagined to experience like an inadequate payoff for all of the horrific stuff that passed off. On the other give up the production values are rather mediocre, and Kim Jeong-gyoon’s cerebral palsy appearing is a tad cringeworthy. perhaps you like going to the films to get mad for whatever cause and if so, you may probable like “My Little baby, Jaya”. As for me, nicely, I figure if you need to ship a message, use Western Union.

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